Leverton-Clarke are experts in the chemical requirements of Lithium Bromide based absorption chillers. We work extensively with global OEMs, installation contractors and maintenance companies to provide a complete package of services worldwide

Lithium Bromide solutions (brine)

We have 30 years of experience in the manufacture of brine solutions to exacting OEM specifications and covering all inhibitor combinations as required. These are supplied as OEM initial charges with appropriate quantities of refrigerant and for subsequent installation contractor recharges.

Sample Analysis

Absorption chillers based on Lithium Bromide require regular maintenance and Leverton-Clarke plays an integral part in this by providing a complete sample analysis service. Responding quickly to give contractors a detailed chemical analysis of the Lithium Bromide, we provide a report on issues relating to the chemical changes, possible rectification and calculations relating to the amounts of correction chemicals to add to the system.

We provide sample containers and packaging to allow quick and safe dispatch of the sample to our laboratory in the UK. To our regular customers we supply boxes of sample containers pre-labelled so that they are always on hand when needed.

Correction Chemicals

The full range of correction chemicals can be easily purchased from us in small economic quantities to maintain the Lithium Bromide in perfect condition.

Full range of inhibitors
  • Lithium Molybdate
  • Lithium Chromate
  • Lithium Nitrate
Acid and alkali for adjustments
  • Hydrobromic acid
  • Lithium Hydroxide

If an absorption chiller develops problems or if brine characteristics are not maintained over time, the quality and effectiveness of the Lithium Bromide solution can be significantly impaired and end in a requirement to replace the solution or even decommission the machine.

In these situations, Leverton-Clarke provides a complete package of services to allow quick turnaround and reduced downtime of the machine by working directly with contractors:

  • Empty returnable containers for the spent Lithium Bromide solution which is then returned to Leverton-Clarke for safe disposal. We are a registered and authorized waste disposal company and provide all the legal guidance and documents for safe carriage and disposal of the spent brine solution.
  • Demineralised water in returnable IBCs to give contamination free cleaning of the empty machine.
  • LEVAIR – Passivation wash solution in returnable IBCs which is used to cycle through the machine and passivate metallic surfaces prior to recharging.
  • More empty containers to allow all machine washings to be returned to Leverton-Clarke for safe disposal.
  • Recharge Lithium Bromide Solution. Once the machine is empty and cleaned we then provide the contractor with new Lithium Bromide solutions to the required specification complete with appropriate corrosion inhibitors.


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